Instru Technique prides itself on having one of the best and most comprehensive Instrumentation, and Avionics repair and overhaul facilities in South Africa. We are able to remove, Bench test, repair and overhaul almost everything in the cockpit including the related sensors and transmitters. We spend a substantial amount on up keeping a large variety of test equipment every year to make sure your equipment is repaired and calibrated to world class standards.

Our workshops and facility undergoes stringent quality inspections every quarter by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Capabilities include:

  • Gazelle Torque Indicator
  • Airspeed Indicators
  • Altimeters
  • Vertical Speed Indicator’s
  • Atitude Gyro’s
  • Directional Gyro’s
  • Turn and Bank’s
  • Clock’s
  • Suction Gauge’s
  • Engine and Prop RPM gauge’s
  • Tachometer Generator’s
  • Fuel Flow Gauge’s
  • Fuel Flow Transmitter’s
  • Fuel Quantity Gauge’s
  • Fuel Quantity Transmitter’s
  • Oil Temperature Gauge’s
  • Oil Temperature Transmitter’s
  • Oil Pressure Gauge’s
  • Oil Pressure Transmitter’s
  • Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge’s
  • Torque Gauge’s
  • Torque Transmitter’s
  • ITT Gauge’s
  • Ammeter’s
  • Flight Director’s
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator’s
  • Vertical Gyro’s
  • Directional Gyro’s
  • Rate Gyroscope’s
  • Radio Magnetic Indicator’s (RMI)
  • Radio Altimeter Systems
  • Automatic Direction Finder Systems
  • Communication’s Systems
  • Navigation System’s
  • GPS’s
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder’s
  • Flight Data Recorder’s
  • Slaving Accessory’s
  • Autopilot Computer’s
  • Autopilot Servo’s
  • Autopilot Servo Mount’s and Clutch’s
  • Cabin Differential Pressure Switch’s
  • Oxygen Barometric Switch’s
  • Flux Valve’s
  • Pitot Static Tester’s
  • Fuel Quantity Tester’s
  • Multifunction Display’s
  • Audio Panel’s
  • Transponder’s
  • Blind Encoder’s
  • Airdata Computer’s


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