Avidyne - IFD510

The IFD510 The IFD510 is a slide-in replacement for existing GPS500W GPS-only Navigators, providing easy-to-use,touch-screen FMS capability.

Avidyne IFD540 Touch Screen GPS

Ease of Use

  • Touch-screen capable, with easy-to-use FMS
  • Multi-Touch graphical flight planning with ‘one-touch’victor airway and jet-route navigation
  • Avidyne’s exclusive GeoFill™ waypoint nomination
  • FMS Vectors, providing fully-coupled guidance through all phases of flight
  • Larger screen than the GPS500W with 400% more pixels


  • Includes Avidyne’s CMax™ Electronic Approach Charts & Airport Diagrams
  • Includes Terrain Awareness and Alerting
  • Option for integrated Class-B TAWS functionality


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