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Audio Select Panels

Fixed Wing Aircraft

With licensed patented technology from the USAF, IntelliAudio® makes its debut to the General Aviation pilot. True dimensional sound allows the pilot the ability to place Com audio in different positions.
pma4000 PMA4000
A small form-factor was the design goal for this little jewel. Capable of being panel mounted like an intercom or in a 2 1/4” round instrument hole,it also provides a four-place mono intercom with IntelliVOX® and speaker amplifier.
pma6000b PMA6000B
World's lowest cost FAA certified audio panel. With integrated intercom and optional marker beacon receiver. Sporting a 4-place mono intercom with our famous "Set it and Forget it" manual VOX circuit.

PMA7000 Series

These  audio panel incorporates a 6-place hi-fi stereo IntelliVox® intercom and telephone interface. Bluetooth is available in some models.


PMA8000 Series

The PMA8000 Series is our flagship audio panel, providing great intercom, aircraft radio and entertainment audio fidelity. Included is our IntelliVox® auto-squelch, front panel utility jack, digital aircraft radio recorder.



This revolutionary approach to reducing the cost of upgrading your avionics, will make it affordable to upgrade aircraft whose primarily mission is for pleasure.



This specialty audio panel is suitable for special mission use, such as police/rescue/fire patrol, and includes provisions for observer position.
pma7000h PMA7000H
This is an adaptation of our PMA7000B that adds the following : 10 place capability, pilot and copilot with up to 8 passengers, Push to Talk  Intercom (PTT-ICS) function, and CVR output.


Experimental Aircraft

pma5000ex  PMA5000EX
4-Place IntelliVox® hi-fi stereo intercom with front panel utility jack, Monitor mode, Aux inputs with automatic mute and many more of the most sought after functions.
pda360 PDA360
This audio panel is an advanced audio panel that is designed for the experimental aircraft. The list of capabilities are IntelliAudio(R). IntelliVox(R), Bluetooth(R), USB charging port, and a soft-key/graphics display user interface.
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