Trig - TY97

TY97 - Slimline VHF Radio

Trig’s TY97 aviation radio sets a new standard in high power dual 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz radio design.  Combining great quality and performance each radio is housed within a superbly engineered unit, slim-line and light. At only 33mm high (1.3”) the radio saves valuable stack space, but retains innovative and practical features. The TY97 is a 16 Watt certified radio, designed for high performance aircraft with a 28 volt power supply. With enhanced performance the TY97 ensures successful reception and transmission over long distance or from high altitudes.

Also available to order is the TY97A radio. The TY76A has all the same great features as the TY97 but is a 760 channel with 25 kHz spacing radio. This is ideal for pilots flying outside of airspace requiring 8.33 kHz spacing. Find out more about the TY76A in the Sales Brochure on the left

To order your TY97 or TY97A contact us now.



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